My name is Heather Nemeth. I am a licensed clinical professional counselor providing personalized coaching techniques for individuals looking to promote positive developmental growth scholastically, personally, and professionally.

Demands in school and work are increasing. This can increase stress and anxiety levels. The work-life or study-life imbalance can start to cause procrastination, changes in behavior, disruption of emotions, and altered thinking patterns. These can lead to daily challenges with time management, self-control, organization and planning, flexibility, memory, and task initiation.

This is where I come in. I have been helping others better themselves for over 20 years. Through building rapport, motivational interviewing, and applying customized techniques, we work together to build weaknesses into strengths. I have seen numerous people gain self-esteem and overall live a healthier lifestyle because of their investment in themselves. I thrive off watching others succeed and knowing that I participated on their journey. That is the way I measure my success is through the success of others.

My high level of dedication in helping others have on occasion led people telling me, “Heather, you can’t change the world.” In a way, that’s probably true on a global scale. However, I have seen that being kind to others and helping them achieve their fullest potential has led to a healthier and happier sense of self which then gets portrayed externally onto others.

Allow me to dedicate myself to you.

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to working with you!

**This is not a counseling service