Supervision for Licensed Professional Counselors

Congratulations of your journey so far with the helping professions. Being once a Licensed Professional Counselor like you, it was really difficult trying to find places to get supervision to obtain my clinical professional license. I had to work for free with organizations which really wasn’t conducive to my daily demands. Putting my way through college and trying to pay off student loans, how could this be done if I was working for free? It can be done, but why put yourself through that?

This is why I’m offering supervision to you. Our sessions are held once a week, one hour/day on Saturdays or Sundays so you don’t have to worry about compromising your other obligations. You can even get a job that pays while you are going through this awesome transition!

I have all the resources and objectives you will require not only to get the hours needed to sit for your LCPC exam, but also to pass it.

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