“My son has ADHD. He has struggled in school with attention and getting homework completed on time. I thank Heather everyday because not only did she help him do better in school, she also helped me find ways to be closer to my son and understand him better.”

Clara B.

“Heather really helped my kids with school and in fact is still helping them. I have some stuff in my life I want to change too. We’ll talk at our next visit! See you soon!”


“I HATED taking tests! I would get so much anxiety with studying and over studying it was driving me crazy. Thank God for Heather! She helped me break down what I needed to go over and showed me ways I could remember what I read and learned. Personally I still hate tests, but I’m more prepared for them and getting better grades without the additional stress….YAY!”


“I’m in high school and it’s been really hard trying to keep up with school and keeping my job. Heather helped me get organized and taught me ways to manage my time better. Thanks again for everything, you’re the best!”

Jason P.

“Heather has done wonders for me. She helped me identify the challenges that I was having in my job which was causing me a lot of stress. We worked together and she provided me ways to improve. It was a lot of work and reflection on my part, but it paid off. I was recently promoted to manager and I owe it all to Heather.”

Jennifer R.

“Heather and I have worked together in the past. I really needed help trying to get a grasp on my new job. I just wasn’t able to understand it. Unfortunately it takes a while to learn new stuff especially at work. Heather provided me with different solutions that fit with my learning style and was very patient with me. She has such a soothing voice and a non-judgmental attitude. I could go to Heather for anything knowing I was safe and what we would discuss would be confidential.”

Colleen W.

“I’ve known Heather for several years now and I have always found her to be there for me. The way she cares and helps people is amazingly genuine. Heather actually takes time to listen whether you have a legit issue or just to vent.”