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Executive Function Challenges


Executive Function Services

Executive function requires various types of cognitive skills located in the pre-frontal cortex that allow people to plan, organize, and complete tasks.


ADHD Certified Clinical Services Provider

+Do you procrastinate and/or have difficulty focusing on completing tasks that are of no interest?

+Do you find that you get extremely overwhelmed by having what I like to call a “loaded plate”?

+Do you feel that you have to work twice as hard to accomplish the same tasks that others can do easily?

Here’s to You! LLC has the skills and experience to help you breakdown these challenges into more simplistic and easy to accomplish ways. Let us help you work smarter, not harder.

We offer:

  • ADHD Parent Coaching

  • Assessments based on levels of functioning, attention, behavior, and emotions

  • Techniques to improve time management, organization, task initiation (homework completion), mental shifting, emotional regulation, and stress reduction

  • Homework tips and tricks

  • Test taking strategies

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